We make up our own thoughts – they come from within

Hittade lite roliga citat från en engelsk barnbok om tankar. Tyckte de talade för sig själva. :)

”Just like riding a wave or soaking up the sun, our thinking can make us feel good. Our best ideas and decisions come from that kind of thinking, when we feel calm and cool.”

”Our thoughts can stay with us for a long, long time, or they can pass right buy and pop! They disappear, just like a bubble.”

”Our thoughts are so powerful. Sometimes they can cause us to be really afraid, but if we realize we make up our thoughts, we know there are other possibilities. Then scary things might not seem so real, or so frightening.”

”Our moods can help us tell if our thinking is unwise or not.”

”The thought bubbles are all wrapped in bows because thoughts are gifts. They come from inside, and we decide which thoughts to empower.”

”We create our experience of life from moment to moment through our very own thinking.”

Visst, några är väl lite skrattretande men när man väl inser att man faktiskt har förmågan att styra tankarna själv (vilket är svårare än vad man tror) händer det grejer. Något att öva på kanske. :)




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